Just a lacquer addict primping the nails of ladies around the Puget Sound.
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This ones FTB, still waiting on that Ill Boyz Mixtape haha
Spring Floral x Unicorn Puke w/ Pearl accents for Justine
Lazy Gurrlll special. Butter London’s Teddy Girl is perfect for Spring, it’s like someone spat chewed up bubble gum all over my fingers!
Show ‘em how to move in a room full ‘o vultures. Industry shady it need to be taken over.
— Hov. (via peezygetsitdone)

(via peezygetsitdone-deactivated2013)

Pink Orange & Gold desert sunset ombre with Gold studs & handplaced Hex Glitter detailing
Close Up
Impromptu Photoshoot w/ Kyle featuring Black, Nude & White outlined half moon/French tip nails.
Fresh Start nude talons for Spring Equinox